Borneo is the third biggest island in the whole world, it represents the 1% of the earth and it holds the 6% OF global biodiversity. It´s estimated that 600 new species are discovered in Borneo (WWF). From last years is losing its biodiversity. Some of the iconic species are disappearing and the rainforest is decreasing. The most important reasons are: climate change, deforestation, wildlife hunting and trade, land conversion, water, mining…

This portfolio show one of the representative of the jungle, the Orangutan, the name means in local language the Man of the Forest. Because of losing habitat, deforestation and the decreasing the number of individuals that specie is in danger. The Bornean orangutan population declined by 60% in the past 60 years. The ICUN declared the orangutan CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

As a result of this situation, some organizations are working for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of the individuals. Many Orangutan Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre are founded. Funding by wildlife departments, private donations, NGO, tourist fees… All of that conservation areas are located in protected land. It provides to the orangutans all the facilities as nurseries, medical care, food… Finally orangutans are reintroduced in their habitat, normally in Reserves or National Parks where they are safe.

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